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I Wish Someone....

October 22, 2014 Tagged as Engaging Students, Technology, Web Site

Hello, teachers! We’ve survived the mayhem of the beginning of a new school year, but now the holidays are right in front of us. It’s tough enough keeping our students’ attention without having to worry about pumpkins, turkeys, and candy canes! 

We’ve reached that point in the semester that I like to refer to as, “I wish someone…,” had told me about, had shown me that trick, or (my personal favorite) had taught me how to do that on the computer! Let’s face it—teaching is hard work, and anything that can make our job easier, we want to know about. 

The whole approach to learning has changed, particularly for the younger students. They start playing with digital toys in the crib, and by the time they’re five years old, they’re teaching us how to use our iPhones! It’s hard to compete with something that makes all sorts of fun sounds and has cute characters running all over the screen. If there was a way for me to morph into a video character…….well, we know that isn’t going to happen!

Being a great believer in taking advantage of what people much smarter than I have developed, I want to tell you a little bit about If you’re reading this blog posting, then I know you’re already at the right place. Even if your school already has a website, you probably aren’t able to use it for your classroom much beyond contact information. What if you had a place to be able to post images of your students’ work where parents could see them? Imagine how excited your students would be to find their creations online! How convenient would it be to be able to communicate with your parents and students in one easy place without having to worry about those pesky paper announcements that always have a way of getting lost before they reach the parents? You could even post links to digital games that you want your students to play! 

I invite you to take advantage of the 30-day free trial to see if it works for you. Some schools subsidize the annual subscription rate, but even if yours doesn’t, it is still less than one trip to the school supply store. This site could be a “wish come true” for you!