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Wendy Says

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The Giving Season

Season’s greetings, teachers! Before this month is over, you will have finished the first semester of your school year. Each day has been filled with its own agenda, and now the holiday season is here in full force. Due to the cultural diversity in the classroom, new challenges have been presented to you on how to talk about them.

In front of many stores are the Salvation Army Santas, and inside places of business, you will find collection boxes for everything from food and toys to hygiene items. We are in the midst of the “giving” season, and what could be more rewarding than to do something for someone else? No matter what anyone’s circumstances are, it is possible to perform an act of service for another individual. The gift of self is a powerful thing, and this is a wonderful time to demonstrate the power of this principle.

What kinds of things constitute the gift of self? There are many gifts that do not require any monetary investment but rather, your time. It is so important for children to learn that they have the capability to make others happy by lending a helping hand, whether that be raking leaves, carrying a newspaper up to the door, or just being friendly with a cheery smile and a wave of the hand. I think we have all noticed that in general, people are kinder and more tolerant of one another at this time of year. What more valuable lesson could be taught than by pointing out to them that we could do this on a daily basis?

Let us all ask this question of ourselves and to our students, “Have I done anything nice today?” You might just start a revolution of “niceness” without ever knowing it, and those simple acts could change your world!